Solution Sessions: Tuesday

Tuesday, February 28th
Continental breakfast will be served prior to these sessions

8:45 AM – 9:45 AM Please note: all four solution sessions run concurrently


MARKETING: Is My Marketing Working; Measurement Techniques | Room 274

Every single person on the bus represents a potential, future customer. Everyone on board has connections too their profitable leads. What are companies doing to maximize their “install base.” All of this culminates in to one important question: how do we make salesmen out of our drivers?


FINANCE:  How Equipment Valuations will influence your purchase arrangement and payment schedule | Room 275

Should you lease or secure an equipment loan? Should you use your bank or an equipment lease/loan specialist? How do credit ratings impact finance models? Answering these questions will help you structure payment terms that will help preserve the cash when you need it the most. This session will discuss the steps required to determine and secure the best financing equipment purchases.

OPERATIONS: Best practices for installing 110 Outlets | Room 276

Customer demand for 110 outlets grows by the minute. It is near the point where it is expected when customers board the bus. Explore this issue on a broader basis in this session. The discussion will include inverters, size options, installation approaches that minimize the impact on luggage space, best practices on wiring, and maintenance. Also, find answers to such questions as, should this be a chargeable service? How can this be built into a cost structure?

TECHNOLOGY: Managing Your Current Digital Presence | Room 263/264

How to find, manage, and upgrade it to find more prospects and hold onto the ones you already have. All of us have a digital presence, and so do our businesses, finding out how you appear in these spaces is critical to making sure you put your best foot forward with them. Managing the photos that appear in search results, the copy that shows up in organic SERPs, should you or are you connected to social media, do you have reviews and how do they affect your potential prospects?  All of this will be taught using Google, Facebook and BusRates, along with other sites:

    • What makes for good supporting content?
    • How many photos do I have and are they the right kinds?
    • Should I list my social media sites on my 3rd party web presences?
    • How do I know that my reviews are accurate and fair, and do I have recourse to have them removed or altered? 

OPERATIONS: How Will FLSA New Overtime Rule Impact You & Your Business? | Room 260/267

Is your company ready for this change? It most likely will affect much of your office personnel! The U.S. Department of Labor came out with a ruling in 2016 that went into effect December 1, 2016. It states that the baseline for exempt employees (salaried not hourly) goes up to $47,476 from $23,600. That means anyone making less than $47,476 can no longer be considered exempt from overtime. Overtime can even mean employees checking email after hours. Find out what you need to do to comply with this far-reaching regulation change.